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Classroom Materials
Community Arise includes the modules listed below. Click on the link for a more detailed description and access to the downloadable training materials. Each module has an Administrator's Guide, a must -read to understand the module and how to teach it.

  1. Basic Disaster Ministry
    This introductory module provides basic information about disasters and the system that exists for responding to  disaster, in particular the faith-based response to disasters.  This module should be considered to be a prerequisite for the other modules.  Most of the information is not repeated in the other modules.
  2. Long-Term Recovery
    This module is designed to be used at a disaster site to assist participants in establishing a long-term recovery organization.
  3. Managing Volunteers in Disaster
    This module introduces the concepts and procedures for managing volunteers in a disaster.
  4. Disaster Case Management
    This module provides an overview of the case management process in the context of disasters.
  5. Technology-Caused Disasters
    This module provides an overview of technology-caused disasters, explores how they are different from natural disasters, and outlines appropriate response strategies.
  6. Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters
    This module provides an overview of the unique and important role the faith community plays in providing emotional and spiritual care during times of disaster in the United States.
  7. Children, Youth, and Disaster
    This module presents the unique needs of children and youth following a disaster and how to provide them support and care.
  8. Vulnerability to Disaster
    Helping those most in need is at the heart of the faith-based disaster response.  This brief module explores what vulnerability is and how to best help those with unmet needs.



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