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Classroom Materials:  Vulnerability to Disaster

Name: Vulnerability to Disaster

Length: About 1.5 hours without optional topic

Description:  The purpose of Vulnerability to Disaster is to strengthen pre-disaster preparedness and to provide all disaster caregivers with specific training in identifying and working with those who may be particularly vulnerable to the impact of a disaster.  Whenever possible, this module should be delivered along with each of the other modules in the Community Arise curriculum.

Instructor Guide (65 pages)
Participant Guide (47 pages)
PowerPoint Slides
Administrator Guide (14 pages)

Please send feedback on this module to: [email protected]




  1. Vulnerability to Disaster
  2. Vulnerability is Situational
  3. How a Disaster Increases Vulnerability
  4. Identifying Unmet Needs
  5. Identifying Resources
  6. The Faith Community and Unmet Needs
  7. Building a Community Response

Optional section: Responding Appropriately to Vulnerable Populations


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