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Classroom Materials:  Technology-Caused Disasters

Name: Technology-Caused Disasters

Length: 4 hours

Description:  Technology-caused disasters differ from natural disasters in several significant ways.  They can be slow to develop, slow to recognize, and their impact can be felt for generations.  Despite these differences, like natural disasters they can devastate a community.  This module provides an overview of technology-caused disasters and outlines appropriate response strategies.

Instructor Guide (106 Pages)
Participant Guide (50 Pages)
PowerPoint Slides

This module has not been pilot-tested. Please send feedback on this module to: [email protected]




  1. About This Course
  2. What is a Technology-Caused Disaster?
  3. Organizing for Prevention
  4. Responding to Technology-Caused Disasters
  5. Meeting Pastoral /Psychological Needs
  6. Summary


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