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Classroom Materials:  Managing Volunteers in Disaster

Name: Managing Volunteers in Disaster

Length: 9.5 hours

Description:  Volunteers play a critical role in any disaster recovery effort.  However, their morale, effectiveness, and ultimate satisfaction are heavily influenced by how they are managed.  Knowing how to manage volunteers is a part of many roles in the disaster relief and recovery process.  Participants learn how to manage volunteers so those volunteers can contribute effectively and find great personal rewards through their work.

Instructor Guide Lesson 1-4 (109 Pages)
Instructor Guide Lesson 5-8 (68 Pages)
Participant Guide (91 Pages)
PowerPoint Slides

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  1. Volunteer Management In Perspective
  2. Your Role In Managing Volunteers
  3. Hosting Volunteers
  4. Orienting Volunteers
  5. Planning The Work
  6. Coordinating The People
  7. Working With Other Agencies and the Media (optional Media module)
  8. Wrap-Up


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