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Classroom Materials:  Long-Term Recovery

Name: Long-Term Recovery

Length: 20.5 hours

Description:  The design of this module anticipates that the instructor and participants may be actively involved in a recovery effort.  As a result, they may have other responsibilities that preclude setting aside a block of time for instruction.  Accordingly, each session - and sometimes parts of a session - are stand-alone pieces with the goal of helping the group complete many of the tasks required to establish an effective long-term recovery group.  For example, in the session dealing with mission statements, participants will develop the Mission Statement for the recovery group.

Instructor Guide Lessons 1-3 (87 pages)
Instructor Guide Lessons 4-5 (97 pages)
Instructor Guide Lessons 6-9 (132 pages)
Participant Guide Lessons 1-5 (90 pages)
Participant Guide Lessons 6-9 (80 pages)
PowerPoint Slides

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  1. An Introduction to Long-Term Recovery
  2. Developing a Mission Statement
  3. Organizing for Long-Term Recovery
  4. Meeting Long-Term Recovery Needs
  5. Long-Term Recovery administration
  6. Working With Other Agencies and the Media
  7. Resource Development
  8. Mitigation in Rebuilding and Recovery
  9. Completing the Recovery Program and Transitions


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