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Classroom Materials:  Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters

Name: Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters

Length: 7.5 hours

Description:  This module provides people in the faith community with an understanding of emotional and spiritual care needs in the context of disasters and provides training in how to address those needs.  The module may be used in a pre-disaster setting, immediately post disaster, and during long-term recovery.

Instructor Guide Lessons 1-3 (129 Pages)
Instructor Guide Lessons 4_6 (100 Pages)
Participant Guide (121 Pages)
PowerPoint Slides

This module has not been pilot-tested. Please send feedback on this module to: [email protected]






  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. About Disasters
  3. Disaster Emotional and Spiritual Care Needs
  4. How to Minister During a Disaster
  5. Clergy Self-Care—Finding a Balance
  6. Additional Resources and Training








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