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Classroom Materials:  Basic Disaster Ministry

Course Name: Basic Disaster Ministry

Length: 8 hours

Description:  Basic Disaster Ministry is an introduction for all people interested in the unique and important role the faith community plays in disaster mitigation, preparedness, and response in the United States.  Participants learn about disasters, traditional responses to a disaster and how the faith-based response is different, how to prepare for a disaster, and ways to get involved after disaster strikes.  The module provides a vision of disaster response that includes emotional and spiritual care as well as physical rebuilding to assist in long-term recovery of those in need and addresses the unmet needs of all survivors, particularly people who were vulnerable before a disaster.

Note: This module should be considered to be a prerequisite for the other courses.  Most of the information is not repeated in the other modules.

Instructor Guide Lessons 1-4 (107 pages)
Instructor Guide Lessons 5-7 (98 pages)
Participant Guide (110 pages)
PowerPoint Slides

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  1. About This Course
  2. Disaster Response in Your Community
  3. About Disasters
  4. Faith-Based Disaster Response
  5. Disaster Response Roles and Functions
  6. Disaster Preparedness in Your Community
  7. What Will You Do Next?


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